SUNN - solar powered electric car kit      Dec. 11, 2011

You can design and build a car that makes you happy when you drive and makes you smile when you look at it. We are offering plans and assemblies so you can custom design and build your own car which can be driven on roads with a speed limit of less than 35 MPH (in states that have a low speed vehicle law). The car is recharged from the sun or can be plugged in. It has a top speed of 25 MPH and a range of 30 miles. It is street legal: windshield wiper, disc brakes, seat belts, turn signals and lights.  It can also be use to travel around in campgrounds and gated communities.

A Manufacturer's Certificates of Origin is supplied so the vehicle can be registered as a Specially Constructed Vehicle in your state.

 Nelson Cole's movie on youTube
Showing the building of the prototype
     "Infinity Miles per Gallon"
Information about NEV's

Art Haines
300 Father Rasle Road
Norridgewock, ME 04957

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What Makes the SUNN electric vehicle unique:

1. Large diameter wheels result in lowest rolling resistance.
2. Highest use of free solar energy.
3. Lowest weight.
4. Efficient power transmission to wheels.
5. Low cost kit. 
6. You decide the color and configuration.